Dixon Technologies signed an MOU with Molbio Diagnostics to manufacture Truelab™ Quattro Real Time Quantitative micro PCR Analyzer machines for infectious disease testing, including COVID-19. 

– A leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company in India. – Specializes in design-focused solutions for various electronics, including consumer durables, home appliances, lighting, mobile phones, and security devices. – Offers repairing and refurbishment services for products like set-top boxes, mobile phones, and LED TV panels.

– Signed an MOU with Molbio Diagnostics to manufacture infectious disease testing machines, including COVID-19 PCR Analyzers. – Q1 FY24 financial results: Reported a consolidated total income of Rs 3,274.35 crore (up 14.67% YoY) with a net profit of Rs 64.16 crore. – Stock price as of October 3, 2023, closed at Rs 5,289.25 (0.38% increase from the previous day).

– Q1 FY24 Total Income: Rs 3,274.35 crore (Up 14.67% YoY) – Q1 FY24 Net Profit After Tax: Rs 64.16 crore – Stock Price on October 3, 2023: Rs 5,289.25 (0.38% Increase from Previous Day)

– Dixon Technologies presents growth opportunities in the electronics manufacturing sector. – Investors should conduct thorough research and consider their risk tolerance before investing. – Monitor market conditions and Dixon's financial performance for informed investment decisions.