T– Replica of Nifty 50 index, comprising top 50 stocks by market cap on NSE India. – Traded on NSE IFSC in GIFT City, Gujarat.

– Trading available for 21 hours a day (9:00 AM to 6:00 AM IST). – Denominated in US dollars. – Accessible to both Indian and foreign investors.

– Enables trading in the Indian market during US and European trading hours. – Eliminates foreign exchange risk for foreign investors.

– Offers a broader range of trading products, including futures and options. – Subject to Indian regulations, providing investor protection.

– GIFT Nifty closed down 90.5 points, or 0.46%, on October 9, 2023. – Negative start in domestic market with Nifty 50 index down by 0.65%. – Reasons for the fall and positive long-term outlook with 10% YTD gain.